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Never Surrender

Never Surrender

by CS Murphy 10-18-2020

When Neil was denied medical care, twice in a fortnight, current mandates become VERY REAL for us. We are on the wrong road, America. No one is coming to save us. The correction must come from the people, the foundation of our governance. Elected officials are doing this to us because we allow it. I have our own Chris Sells, on the record, saying there is nothing he can do about it; there are not enough votes in the legislature to over-ride a governor veto. Alabama Republicans are not conservatives, they are radical leftists in sheep's clothing.

Last week Neil said draw my blood or have me arrested.  This is no joke, no theory. The censorship is real. The denial of care is real. And the left will never stop.

Everything is on the line now. While the mask is not the mark, it is definitely a market readiness ping. Stand up, America. Stand for Jesus. Stand for your families. Stand for what this country represents. You are the government and the authority in this constitutional republic. They might force me, but I will never surrender.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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