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Masks are NOT about our health

Masks are NOT about our health

Op-ed posted by Catherine Schmid Murphy

Fear not, for I have overcome the world; that's what Jesus told us.

Masks. One side feels they are a symbol of virtue, of belonging to the club of caring-about-the-greater-good; the other feels they they are a sign of submission. Both sides constitute elements of the game. Read on and watch.

If you have not heard it from your study of God's word, I don't know that you will hear it now. But here is a brief introduction to what is happening today, right now. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear. Keep your eyes on Jesus and know that the singular response to the virus, directed down from the World Health Organization across the ENTIRE PLANET is NOT ABOUT OUR HEALTH. It is about domination, demoralization, breaking our will, submission and obtaining our unquestioning obedience. Does that sound like ANY being you have heard about before? And this one issue about masks has even friends and families at each other's throats.

Once you see what it IS, what we are all feeling and why, it becomes much less powerful, and we can step aside and begin to recover. Revelations has always been terrifying to me. And I had never really thought about what it might look like in real life; about good and evil manifesting through the actions of humans. If this is indeed the time that was revealed to John, we would all know know who wins in the end; so would Satan.  Things are bit like the last few seconds of the 4th quarter and Satan knows he's goin' down for eternity, so he is in a panic, pulling out all the stops, sending every shrieking demon to the earth, to keep as many souls from God as he can. This puts a perspective on events a lot less scary to me, being firmly in the hands of God. Events are looking a whole lot like organized criminal activity. Anyway, below are 2 videos that look at the psychological effects of the global response to the virus.

  • In the this first video, 'The Truth behind the Mask', by Greg Reese, banned by mainstream media, is a short summary of the psychological purposes and effects of masks. Greg discusses the ritual process of initiation, of joining groups we deem to be important; masks are an outward symbol of virtue, of belonging to the club of caring-about-the-greater-good.  Click on the link to see the about 4 minute presentation.  https://banned.video/watch?id=5f0b170a677a7f01e91efb58
  • In the second video, "Is this Torture?' below, analyst Amazing Polly (PollyStGeorge) on youtube lays out how the response to covid-19 is being used as a form of psychological torture. Here are found the elements of the other side: domination, demoralization, breaking our will, forcing our submission and obtaining our unquestioning obedience. Polly is easy to follow and you can check all her sources yourself.

     Do you see how we are being played against one another, based on our information sources, perspective and mind set? We are all being played. Know that. Step out of the game and keep your eyes on Jesus. Knowing the game allows you to side step the  psychological effects of the covid response and to get your feet back on solid ground.

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    • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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