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We Will Not Comply

We Will Not Comply

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy with

embeded youtube video by Tucker Carlson, Fox News


 We have been played and the elected have made themselves insignificant.


I am not calling for anarchy. I am calling for you to exercise the neurons God gave you; take one tiny step and listen to Tucker Carlson's video below:

  • Covid kills old people, yet Covid patients are sent to nursing homes for rehab; this is called eugenics.
  • Lockdowns "save lives" unless you are looting and burning down cities
  • Lockdowns are enforced unless you are taking over territory by force


                                                We will not comply.


We will not comply. The government has intruded into every aspect of our lives and it is no longer hidden or even veiled; it is in our face. The masks are off, the communists are openly declaring themselves and we the people of a once free constitutional republic have allowed it all. NO MORE. Here at Murphy Farm we stayed open and went to church. Neil and I live free. We will never be locked down. There is no one coming to rescue the republic; we have to do it ourselves.The most powerful statement we can make today is to resume our lives and livelihoods across the nation like a  tsunami. Gather as many souls to Christ as you can. Manage the republic locally as best you can.  Then STAND.


             The country is dismantled from within. Do you see it now?



This video by Tucker Carlson lays it all out:


 Here on Murphy Farm we kneel only to God. We get on our faces only for God. We hold church at home these days, as the apostate Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has exerted authority over what we were told were independent churches and taken control of our beloved Sardis. It has been mandated by the SBC and local church leadership that there is to be no opening of the church building or resumption of services without the expressed permission of the SBC, no physical contact, no Bibles, no hymnals and no singing. All the masks are off now. We are heartbroken, but still standing.

I will leave you with Amazing Grace, at Sardis.

 I don't know what else to do.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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