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How To Defeat An Opponent

How To Defeat An Opponent
Guest post by James Douglas Gray @JDGray on Gab
  • How do you defeat an opponent who'll run for political office representing your political party, then vote for the opposition party on all the important bills
  • How do you compete with an opponent who'll dress up as a supporter of your agenda so as to infiltrate your gatherings?
  • How do you overcome a massive propaganda narrative disguised as network news that's broadcast to the entire population?
  • How can you communicate your ideas and opinions on a social media platform that turns out to be a publisher for the enemy, who regulates all opposing speech?
  • How do you stop the influx of millions of illegal aliens across the very border your elected representatives gave an oath to defend?

Since no one can seem to answer those questions, let's try to answer these:

  • Why would you ever file another tax return?
  • Why would you ever cast another vote in a rigged election system?
  • Why would you ever obey another law?
  • Why are you not marching on Washington with millions in tow to demand more from your government?
  • When are you going to pull your head out of that phone and help rescue this country from the evil overlords who are trying to take it away from us?

We don't need discussion panels, focus groups or know-it-alls preaching to the choir. What we need is action from real Patriots who aren't afraid to be called racists. Who aren't afraid to be labeled as terrorists. Who aren't afraid to die for their God given rights. And who aren't afraid to stand up for future generations, who deserve the same freedoms & liberties our forefathers fought and died to keep.

more from this author here: https://gab.com/JDGray

(submitted by csmurphy 7-20-21)

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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