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Here Is A Way To Easily Contact Elected Officials About Election Fraud

Here Is A Way To Easily Contact Elected Officials About Election Fraud

The constitutional process regarding redress of grievances for a contested election is underway.  Elections have been contested over the years by both parties using this process; it is nothing new. Regarding election fraud, here is a link that makes it easy to message elected officials on the subject of contesting the election. Officials in the contested states are included because their decisions affect us all: these state legislatures are mostly republican majority and have sent 2 slates of electors to be considered: Democrat slate which is certified but contested; Republican slate, not certified. Without free, fair and transparent elections, we cease to exist as a sovereign, free nation. The choice is freedom vs communism. If you want the election contested and for the ballots to undergo forensic analysis, let them know. Tune in tomorrow on cspan or alt media to watch events in real time. It is expected that evidence will be presented to all of us.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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