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News From CS Murphy

News From CS Murphy

Oink  is some eye candy by artist Teresa Blackledge Davis

Thank you for your blog comments; they are much appreciated! Please re-visit areas of interest to see any replies. The site is not interactive yet; each comment is an individual item.

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Censorship is becoming fierce and alt-media sites are dropping like flies. There are also reports of second wave events; read up on 'social credit score.'  There are many calls for government intervention and I will leave that discussion to those better versed than myself.

From my own perspective, the solution is less about destroying the censoring grasshoppers and more about turning away from the grasshoppers and building an army of ants with different perspectives. Being a believer in Jesus, constitutional governance, free will and free speech, it is always in fashion to build an argument and work to convince others of its merits. It is not fast or glamorous, but it can be infinitely effective.

  • get to know Jesus; read the Bible and get your head around what one man did to change the world by building and delivering a merit based argument
  • have a position, be able to defend it, speak  truth wherever you can
  • know that everything is at risk; it is simple, just hard
  • staying in the matrix is not for everyone, follow your own path wherever you are called
  • try out alternate social media sites as you see fit, knowing that privacy is a myth and that they could be honey traps
  • comment on articles of interest
  • we are only in this world for a short time; as my husband, Neil Murphy, often says, " Make it count!"
  • and remember: the authority in the USA system is ultimately we the people
  • pray, influence, vote, run for office as you are called

I am currently looking at; anyone have opinions?

That's all for now. Thanks for the comments and for stoppin' by.

CS Murphy




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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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