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Get Control Of Your Hospital Or Sell It

Get Control Of Your Hospital Or Sell It

Op-ed by CS Murphy

" In a public-private partnership, we pay but have no say." CS Murphy

Crenshaw County, Alabama, County Commission, get control of your hospital or sell it. The hospital should be public and ultimately controlled by the elected commission where we have standing as tax payers and voters, or be private where we have standing as consumers. My personal position is that it should be sold. A good beginning would be to get us out of limbo and choose a side: socialism or capitalism.

Husband and writer Neil tells me over and over that no one knows what I'm talking about when I start talking about governance. And writer Kckerrie argues that we should be discussing our positions, not our feelings about such things. So let me say this as clearly as I can. In a free, constitutional republic there is no role in government for the delivery of healtcare. When government delivers healthcare we are in socialism.

In our county there is a county hospital. The people pay taxes that are used to fund the hospital; but we have no standing in the running of the hospital or the services they offer. Our elected county commission controls the purse, but otherwise has no standing. The hospital is run and controlled by a private company and a state mandated, un-elected health authority board: a public-private partnership. We pay but have no say. Get it?

So, county commission, get control of your hospital or sell it. My personal position is that our government, at all levels, should be out of the health care business. Period. Dissolving the private-public partnership would be a decent first step.



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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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