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Fair Warning: Tennessee Executive Order 83 on 8-6-2021


There is more to the story, my take is at the end. There is an up side, not the least of which is that things are being made VERY PUBLIC and ON THE RECORD  now. Everything is being openly unveiled. First the warning part:

Fair Warning and Heads Up to all:

Woodrow here is SPOT ON and Tennessee is not the only state. This concept is nation wide and associated with Patriot Act, FEMA, Departments of Homeland Security, and linked as well with many state law enforcement departments along with connections to Federal Military using dual-status commanders and memorandum of agreements with state governors. Everything is already in place awaiting the order to activate. First link is to the Tennessee executive order, the second is a way to search for some info your own state.

Link to the executive order itself:

Link to National Conference of State Legislatures where you can search for some information in your state on quarantine etc :

Woodrow's Post on Executive Order 83:

Hey everybody in Tennessee, you better pay attention to what is going on right under your noses. The governor of Tennessee has signed an executive order on 6 August that borders on Communist and Socialist tactics, Read paragraphs 8 and 18, the two paragraphs I copied from the order. He is authorizing the National Guard to intervene where necessary and in number 18 he is authorizing the building of quarantine and isolation facilities for the unvaccinated. If this is not communism I don't know what is.
AUG 06 2021 Secretary of State Tre Hargett
WHEREAS, hospitalizations are increasing as COVID-19 variants continue to increase positive case rates and burden the health care system; and
WHEREAS, the reinstatement of certain regulatory flexibilities is necessary to support adequate capacity within the health care system; and
WHEREAS, COVID-19 vaccines are widely available and effective, and widespread vaccination is the best tool to combat COVID-19 and ensure social, economic, and educational stability, and all eligible persons are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated against COVID-19.
NOW THEREFORE, I, Bill Lee, Governor of the State of Tennessee, in order to facilitate regulatory flexibility in the healthcare system, economic and other recovery, and maintenance of federal compliance and eligibility, do hereby declare and recognize a continuing state of emergency and hereby order the following:
8. Discretion to utilize National Guard and State Guard members in connection with certain health care and emergency service operations.
18 Temporary quarantine and isolation facilities may be constructed. The provisions of Tennessee Code Annotated, Section 68-11-202( c )( 1 )-(😎, are hereby suspended to allow for the construction of temporary structures, the plans for which would otherwise be subject to review for new construction, additions, or substantial alterations, as directed by the Commissioner of Health and the Director of TEMA in response to COVID-19; provided, that there shall be inspections of such structures to ensure safety, as necessary.
Now my bit. Several years ago when I brought the idea of un-elected, appointed boards being extra-constitutional governance to our county commission I was listened to quietly, in a humiliating way and it was left completely out of the minutes; later when I called the Alabama GOP about merging all Alabama state law enforcement with homeland security under a new state cabinet position, they put me on speaker and roared with laughter. One of the most humiliating moments of my life. Yet here we are.  Seems bad. 
Now here's what's good:
  • everyone knows what's going on, open and on the record
  • no more tin hats or conspiracy theories, just FACTS
  • the means for correction are no longer in the hands of the rulers
  • God has permitted do-overs in the past; where we are in time I do not know; things have been this bad before
  • what God wants is for every person to accept His gift, repent and change; if this is last call, there is still time
  • the executive order, while opening the door to federal conscription (also on the books in a presidential executive order) essentially invalidates the entire medical state licensure, credentialing, and oversight system; if it can be suspended in an emergency, it was never needed; us knowing that is a step toward  dismantling the entire public health system that has been held over us since March 2020
  • beyond this order, there is a national movement to get governance back to the people and it is growing
  • with God all things are possible
  • end times or do-over, I am sticking with Jesus

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