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"Draw My Blood Or Have Me Arrested" VS "There's Nothing I Can Do"


 Op-ed by CS Murphy 10-15-2020

                "draw my blood or have me arrested." NS Murphy


Doctor's offices in Alabama are denying care, based not on medical facts, but based on Kay Ivey's unconstitutional, over reaching mask mandate. When asked about this today,  Alabama State Representative Chris Sells says."There's nothing I can do about it."

Chris Sells, Elected Republican below:

Alabama resident Neil Murphy has no intention of fading quietly into the night.

Neil Murphy, citizen, below:


Two weeks ago, my husband was denied care at a doctor's office in Dothan, Alabama because he would not wear a mask. Despite being dead for 11 minutes and written off by most of the medical community, his neurons continue to fire in order to this day. When he asked why he he had to wear a mask he was told, "because of the governor's mandate." There was not a shred of scientific evidence offered; it was Kay Ivey's order that resulted in the denial of care.

Days later, the World Health Organization and CDC came out with statements and data saying that masks don't work and lockdowns are bad. Yet, today in Dozier, Alabama, my husband, Neil Murphy, was again denied admission to the doctor's office when he refused to wear a mask for a lab draw. When he asked why, he was told, " the governor's mandate." He held up a bandana over his nose and mouth and was still refused, being told it wasn't a mask. He pointed to the sign that said "face covering."  My darlin' man Neil Murphy then said, "Draw my blood or have me arrested." They drew his blood.


        My husband was forced to choose between his rights and his life.


  I just got off the phone with my elected state Congressman Chris Sells who states there is "nothing he can do" to over ride the current emergency powers wielded by the governor and her un-elected, appointed public health official. He states that there are not the numbers in the legislature to do it and they are not in session. He did mention that there was a lawsuit underway, with no explanation.

Did you catch that? NOT. IN. SESSION. Business as usual, nothing to see here, it's just the off season. People are being denied medical care because of the Kay Ivey's mandates, businesses are failing, the legislature has ceded their authority and they are not in session. Big fat F for the Alabama Republicans. This is being done to us on purpose. How do I know? Because RINO Republicans are responsible for all of it.

This is wrong on so many levels. Congressman, it is your duty to take a stand; you either stand on the side of our constitutional republic or face the consequences of Nuremberg. This is the road that we are on. Get loud, get on TV, make positional statements and show some leadership; and by all means, explain to all of us why there is no exit strategy to the pandemic and the over reaching response. Here is the link to Alabama Policy Institute 10-13-2020 article on the subject:

  Alabama is no longer part of a constitutional republic and my elected state representative Chris Sells says, "There's nothing I can do about it."   Fortunately, my darlin' Neil knows otherwise.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
Comments 2
  • Teresa Davis
    Teresa Davis

    So glad you’re following up on this. You are not the only person I know who cannot abide by this “mandate”. Lives may be at risk.

  • LInda Wood
    LInda Wood

    Thank you for sharing this experience. Our representatives made a commitment when elected to represent us, not represent the government. Representatives work for us.
    Do your job or “You’re fired!”
    Glad Neil was able to successfully have the lab work done. What a mess!!

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