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Does it take courage to do what is proper?

Does it take courage to do what is proper?

Does it take courage to do what is proper?

Apparently, it takes much, much more than we think,
otherwise, more useless slaves to Ideology would
get off their knees and rally with one another
around our common symbols of unity,
our flag and our national anthem.
Instead, they cowardly take the Socialist path
and seek to divide instead of repair,
heal, grow or advance.
Dividing your own house is a foreign concept
to everything American, because it doesn’t get
anything positive done,
Dividing your house follows the Marxist
science of “tear it down, burn it up,“

Instead of standing like a man and
facing vexing issues, these elite privileged
cowards kneel with heads bowed, thus
getting nothing done and kneeling in the way
of real men who work to correct things,
so that everyone can climb the ladder of success
and advance upward to the pinnacle
of their God Blessed hierarchy of competence,
whatever it may be.

Thank you Mr. Jonathan Issac for standing proudly
like a man
Instead of kneeling in SHAME.
The courage you display will identify you as a leader
and good things will come of this if you remain true.
God Bless you sir.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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