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DNC Denies God 3 Times - This is the Battle We Are In

DNC Denies God 3 Times - This is the Battle We Are In

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 7-9-2020

In 2012, on the floor of the Democrat National Convention (DNC) a stunning vote was taken. To set this up:

  • God had been scrubbed from the DNC platform and
  • Jerusalem had been taken out as capital of Israel
  • this caused considerable controversy
  • so a motion was made to put these back in

Listen to the NO vote and watch the stunned announcers face as what he hears does not line up with what the teleprompter says and he doesn't know what to do. It was stunning and earth shattering to see and hear in real time; it was like hearing the chilling words 'new normal' spew from Cuomo recently. The motion was deemed carried, but the NO vote is publicly attested and cannot be undone. This is the battle we are in. Everything is being revealed.

Stay close to God and tell everyone about Him, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Praise and pray without ceasing.


 He IS.




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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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