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Alabama Officially Under UN Control

Alabama Officially Under UN Control

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 7-17-2020

      "We did not fall to bullets and blue helmets; we fell to a way of thinking."

                                                                                   CS Murphy

Ivey Mandates the Mask

Just yesterday I learned that there was no ability in Alabama to recall a governor. So, I contacted my representatives, called for the addition of an amendment, then sat down to write this article. It began as a call for that amendment, but I realized just now, that the time has passed. Checkmate.

On the upside, hope for conservatism remains because Alabama dethroned Sessions on Tuesday. 

Unfortunately, Ivey didn't get that memo because on Wednesday she issued the mandate-for-the-mask.  Alabama Governor Ivey is now fully exposed  as a leftist. For a virus with a 99.8% survival rate in Alabama, she has commanded that we kneel at the altar of the new world order and take-the-mask or suffer punishment. This is not about our health. Comrade Ivey we are done with mandates; in the United States of America you may advise, persuade, render an opinion or recommendation; you may not mandate.  We are not yours to command; you work for us. If any of you reading this want to take-the-mask, go right ahead.  I will not-take-the mask. Not joining that club. If you see me in a mask, you had better be in a full hazmat suit.


      "We did not fall to bullets and blue helmets; we fell to a way of thinking."

                                                                                   CS Murphy


The  Alabama Republican Left  has already legislated all the infrastructure for socialized medicine, joined the unconstitutional Council of Governors (a communist construct) and ceded exclusive authority over our National Guard and State Law Enforcement by creating a path of command to the president. The left currently  controls the House, SCOTUS, blue states and many red states. (This is why we can never agree to a Convention of States.) The idea of the president commanding all government guns in my state is bad enough when the guy I voted for is in the presidency, but to really put a point on it imagine leftists winning the presidency.

Now, within a matter of days, Newsome and Whitmer have been joined by fellow  collaborators, Republican Leftists Abbot and Ivey. That's right the Republican LEFT is coming out of the closet and marching lockstep with the radical Democrats. We did not fall to bullets and blue helmets; we fell to a way of thinking. Understand that these individuals are not listening to their oaths, the constitution, the data, the people, or the president; they are no longer thinking like American capitalists where all individual lives matter. They are thinking and acting like communists, counting individual rights forfeit in favor of a perceived greater, collective good. They are priests in a new cult, a new religion; they have already taken-the-mask and are taking their marching orders from CDC/WHO/UN which is part of the infrastructure of the new world order.

So Comrade Ivey, very nice of you to drop the pretense less than 4 months before an election where we are offered no choice between your party and and the  democrat party. There is only one party in Alabama now; the communist party.


Oh, oh, but Kemp in Georgia is not going along.   Apparently there is some dissension-in-the-ranks in the Council of Governors. Maybe a good write-in candidate will turn up for Alabama.


                           Hope for conservatism remains.


God is real and He loves you. Conservatives, come out of the woodwork and make your voices heard. Take action and contact your state reps and tell them what you want.

(edited 7-18-2020 and 8-11-2020)



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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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