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Carry On, With Unmerited Enthusiasm!

Carry On, With Unmerited Enthusiasm!

Op-ed by CS Murphy 11-4-2020

"The invisible enemy just showed itself. "

And you ARE up to the task! Fear not; whatever comes, keep your eyes on Jesus. And stay on your tasks. The spiritual battle with evil manifests through the mind and hand of man. Gird your loins and prepare to stand. There are souls yet to gather. God is real, He loves us and wants a personal relationship with YOU. It is simple; tell everyone. If you are still here, He has a job for you!

Yesterday, about half of USA voters showed their hand; they want communism. Here's what's good: All people of this country and the entire world now KNOW that half of the USA wants communism. Can't un-know that. This is the  invisible enemy, by whatever name you want to call it. Whatever task is yours, stay on it. We are just getting started. It is an unprecedented time to be alive!

I am filled with unmerited enthusiasm at this moment. That, my friends, is Grace in action. Carry on and fear nothing.



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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Linda Wood
    Linda Wood

    “Stay in your tasks”. What a super power for God that we become when we do this.

  • Teresa

    Sugar babe, I love your outlook and enthusiasm! You are so spot on. I’ve been accused lately of not having a clue where we’re headed. I just roll my eyes, as I walk away knowing where my heart is and the truth for my life. I encourage my kids, and praise God, they, too, know to seek God’s guidance first!

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