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Ballast, Balance and Bottom-Up Governance

Ballast, Balance and Bottom-Up Governance

Op-ed by Catherine Schmid Murphy 7-26-2020

Sometimes our darker side helps keep us on track. Remember the Star Trek episode that split the captain into good and bad sides? Both sides were needed to make him a good captain. Anyway, in the book called The Lucifer Principle, the author explores the dark side of humanity. It is an uncomfortable read. And informative.

As the world seems to be spinning out of control in an ever more insane way, it is easy to see how our darker nature has produced the result: our corruption, our embrace of vice and willingness to sacrifice the most helpless of individuals. At the same time, parts of this darker side can act as ballast to right the ship: fierceness, fearlessness, powerful leadership.

Remember, too, that our form of governance is based on Jewish and Christian principles; its sustainability is dependent on an obedient, God fearing people. It is designed to be bottom up governance. The bottom is weighted and measured. Only when a situation cannot be handled locally is it bumped up to the next level. There is balance, counter balance and SLOWNESS. 

During recent viral-response events, our state legislature has discovered that their authority to counter edicts from the governor and public health agency had been ceded to the un-elected/appointed public health agency. The light side of our nature knows that a correction is in order; it is the fierce, fearless darker side that both wants the power back and executes the procedure to return the balance of power to the people's house.  Knowing is one thing, action another. We will see now what they DO.

We are the ballast. Send an email, pick up the phone; talk to your elected officials and tell them what you want. We are ALL in a tight spot.

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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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