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On Sides, Lies and Jesus

On Sides, Lies and Jesus


"There is another path, a path of hope."


We are divided into sides on a variety of issues.  Under color-of-law, emergency rules are being handed down and a significant number of individuals in my locale  are not going along. Others, across our nation are rioting and burning the cities down. These are all faces of anarchy.

Each side is passionate and feels justified in their position and views. The concept is well depicted in a series called Expanse. There are 3 sides, all human: Earth, Mars, Belters. Each side, presented from their own perspective, hates the others. There are no clear good guys or bad guys. What is there? War, millions dead and no saviors in a futuristic science-fiction world.

Here is what's real right now: There are dead people in the streets, between sides. Because the serpent lies.

And we do have a Savior.

Covid isn't killing us; hate is killing us, hate based on lies. We are on the wrong road. There is another path, a path of hope. A freeway on which we turn away from hate toward love. Try reading the Bible. If you are unfamiliar with Jesus, maybe start with Romans. It is a letter from Paul to others who did not know Jesus.
Jesus knew the serpent's lies when He heard them; He resisted.  There is nothing in our lives that the living God, Jesus, did not experience Himself, as a man, first hand. He knows exactly what each of us feels, on all our respective sides.   Find out for yourself; read the book.
                                                                                    CS Murphy


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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