towels of testimony

towels of testimony

God is real and He loves us. This is the greatest truth there is. And if we are silent the world itself speaks for Him. Pouring paint produces the most amazing and unexpected images. A lion appears bringing light into the darkness. in another a dove hovers above the waters. Some images just speak to us as with Konnie Laumer's lion and lamb. And art itself has become a ministry for some as with our story-teller Artist Kelly J.  Today arrives the fabric for some of these.

Waiting on Yahweh by Artist Kelly J  is currently available as an embroidered work.

Below, The King is Coming has a lion with features that appeared as it dried; bringing light to our darkness.

Please welcome back Konnie Laumer's lion and lamb embroidery below. It has been reformatted after being lost and is being trialed as a printed line drawing; if it looks nice we will be able to bring you other line drawings in an all-over-large printed towel.

And The Spirit is Moving.

Keep your face turned toward God and be not distracted. He is real and He loves you.


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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