Praise God! Here's What's Good!

Praise God! Here's What's Good!

    Here's what's good: my guess is that more people are repenting and turning to Jesus than ever before. There is no down side to that scenario; what happens here on this earth will be over before you know it and eternity is a really long time. 

  World events have broken my heart of late. When these times come I try to remember that even in the darkest of times, praise and pray without ceasing. Jesus knew dark times, betrayal, abandonment, torture, death; He knew it was coming and came for us anyway. Know this: our God is a mighty God and He has our back no matter what. And we as individuals are by no means alone on this earth or in this life.

   Use every worldly asset at your disposal to advance the kingdom of the most high God, creator of the universe. Stay on your tasks as assigned, stand for what you know to be true. And remember, you never know what is going to happen every day when you get up!

image is from a work by Artist Kelly J

submitted by cs murphy 1-22-2021


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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Kelly J
    Kelly J

    so sweet, thank you Catherine.

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