Meet Artist Kelly J and see our Fancy Dancer Embroidery DO-OVER

Meet Artist Kelly J and see our Fancy Dancer Embroidery DO-OVER

  Artist Kelly J

"My name is Kelly J and I create my Art as I experience life and tell it's story.
My Art is my ministry, so any profit I make is used to help others in their time of need. I am Haudenosaunee by heritage and like to add some of that into my art pieces. I believe life should be lived with Kindness in our heart and a love for all life. I also love to create art with mankind and animals together. You can find my art on my website @
Thank you so Kindly for your purchase of my Art
Artist Kelly J"

   Fancy Dancer is one of Artist Kelly J's most iconic images and also a personal favorite. Never could I have imagined that an embroidery like this could be done on such a soft fabric, but you just never know what is going to happen every day when you get up.

   The recent discovery of water-soluble stabilizer and the addition of a new multi-needle machine to the shop has opened up a whole new world. When the prototype was finished, Artist Kelly J requested a fringe edit to match the original painting, which I was able to add by hand. Nice. I have used hand embroidery and free motion embroidery to extend size before and it is used here with a nice result. It just feels good to have a needle and thread in my hand.

     Here is the link to Artist Kelly J's collection page:

Thanks for stoppin' by!

Catherine Schmid Murphy




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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • kelly j
    kelly j

    Thank you so much for this page Cathy … I love my fancy dancer embroidered … it’s beautiful with your gifted touches.

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