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Be Who You Are Called To Be, The World Will Adjust

Be Who You Are Called To Be, The World Will Adjust

"Artist Kelly J is fierce. And timely"    

                            Catherine Schmid Murphy

Be Who You Are Called To Be, The World Will Adjust is a ColoringBook drawing by Artist Kelly J. It is a powerful word, is it not? Be.

  • be
  • God IS
  • words matter

Artist Kelly J is a prolific artist with a consistent message of life, light and hope in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Every piece has a message and this one lifted me up this morning. Her artwork and message have been repeatedly censored on Facebook to the point that HandesOfaWoman abandoned further development of direct shopping there. As a matter of fact, promoting Artist Kelly J was my first experience with censorship in the matrix and long preceded the censorship we are seeing today. Her website is linked here.

As proprietor of Handes I encourage Christians and creatives to develop their own websites and to link to other like minded individuals and sites. Use the matrix or not, as you are called. Of course everything is tracked and associations are monitored everywhere in the matrix, on or off social media. This is not about privacy; privacy is a myth in cyberspace. This is about spreading the The Word however we can. We all have 2 assignments in addition to our individual tasks, Praise Him and Spread The Word. Speak with your mouth locally and with your keyboards here. God's word will be heard by those with ears to hear.

Be Who You Are Called To Be, The World Will Adjust

by Artist Kelly J



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  • Catherine Schmid Murphy
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  • Kelly

    Thank you always for supporting my Art, you have been a blessing.

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